About Us


ComMedX (Computational Medicine Beijing Co., Ltd.) is a startup that focused on developing next-generation technologies for small-molecules drug discovery. Currently, employees are located in Beijing, China. By combing novel X-ray crystallography/cryo-EM structures, new commercial accessible chemical libraries building, ultra-large docking screening methods, a hierarchical lead optimization pipeline, and the artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms, ComMedX is advancing a new lead discovery platform to boost the first-in-class drugs discovery for biotech companies. ComMedX is working to bring innovations for navigating new chemical spaces for new targets at unparalleled low cost and fast speed.



Xiaobo Wan Ph.D.

Postdoc at UCSF

Founder and CEO

Scientific Advisory Committee


Niu Huang Ph.D.

Senior PI of Beijing Institute of Life Sciences

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee

Expert Advisory Team

Bei Shan Ph.D.

Founder of Biofront Incubator

Wenguang Yang Ph.D.

Professor of Tsinghua University

Director of National Supercomputing Center Wuxi

Chao Li Ph.D.

PI of Beijing Institute of Life Sciences

Team of ComMedX

Team of ComMedX